Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Way Of Thinking

I just got back from a business seminar that changed my brain in so many ways.
I am still processing so much of what I have learned. I am excited to post as I chew on things and meditate on them.

One thing is sure. We are no longer the same.

Our first goal is to get out of debt, then buy land, and build our home.

I no longer see that as a someday event. Before this weekend, our goals seemed fuzzy and far away, like we weren't sure we could reach them. Now I know, not only are they possible, but they are not that far off. There was a 27 year old millionaire at the convention that had applied the concepts he had learned, made the calls, did the work, and now his family is financially independent. I want to be like Jeff Usner and his family that live off gift cards for free!

This marks a no U-Turn.

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  1. Elizabeth:

    I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award.

    Please go to my page for details.

    Thank you, Cindy